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The most deadly environmental issue

  By Dr. Bjørn Lomborg Air quality has improved dramatically in rich countries over the past century. Around 1880, when the air was worst in London, it is estimated that 9,000 people died each year from air pollution, about one of every seven deaths. Today, London air is cleaner than it has been since medieval times. …

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Reefs are not just pretty, saving them pays off

  By Dr Bjørn Lomborg Biodiversity – the range of species we share our planet with – is important, but can we put a value on it? And can we estimate the benefits and costs of conservation? Professor Anil Markandya and two other economists (Luke Brander and Alistair McVittie) have written three new, scientific papers …

Daily News Egypt

Investing $1 in free contraception yields $40 globally

By Dr. Bjørn Lomborg There was a time when we worried about a “population explosion”, with ever more people fighting over ever fewer resources. Yet, the population growth has decreased since the late 1960s, and resources have not run out. There are still population problems, but the two main ones are likely different from what …

Daily News Egypt

Free trade could make every Egyptian $897 richer yearly

By Bjørn Lomborg With one simple policy – more free trade – we could make the world $500tr better off and lift 160m people out of extreme poverty. If there is one question we have to ask ourselves, it is: why don’t we? In 2000, the international community agreed a set of important targets to …

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