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Bishop Basanti talks to Daily News Egypt. (DNE / Hasan Ibrahim)

Bishop Basanti: Building churches a priority

After the enthronement of Pope Tawadros II, Daily News Egypt speaks with Bishop Basanti of Helwan and Maasara on the priorities of the Coptic community. Anba Basanti repetitively affirms, in a soft tone, that building churches is what grips his mind and heart.

Liliana Mihaila

Major General Mohamed Hegazi tells a news program that President-elect Mohamed Morsi will have full executive powers once he is sworn in (Screengrab)

SCAF generals: No blood on our hands

In a CBC interview last night, Major Generals Mohamed El-Assar and Mahmoud Hegazy said that the supplementary constitutional decree not limit Morsi’s powers and that they would practice limited legislative authority

Ahmed Aboulenein

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