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Smile, shake hands, and ignore sectarian violence

Perhaps what is even more predictable than the sporadic occurrence of sectarian violence in Egypt throughout the past few decades is the official rhetoric: denying that the incident ever took place, followed by admitting that it did when mounting public pressure threatens to delegitimise their stance, followed by the “isolated incident” proclamation and a reconciliation …

Mohanad Elsangary

Rate of sectarian violence incidents is alarming: Pope Tawadros II

Head of the Coptic Orthodox Church Pope Tawadros II warned on Monday against the repercussions of recent sectarian violence, citing 37 assaults on Copts since 2013. Tawadros delivered a speech while meeting with the parliamentary Religious Committee, following violent clashes between Muslims and Christians in Minya and Beni Suef last week. Despite the state’s tendency to solve the conflicts …

Adham Youssef

Copts in Egypt: How a Dutch newspaper got it terribly wrong

By Johannes A. Makar Pope Tawadros II is currently touring the Netherlands on a five-day visit to the local Coptic community. But a leading Dutch newspaper questions whether he should have been granted access to the country. Last Friday, marking the second day of the pontiff’s visit to this cheese-blessed nation, Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsbladpublished …

Daily News Egypt