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What has Covid-19 done to me?

So what was the coronavirus to me? It was a time that I took a step back from my life and re-evaluated everything, a time I realised who really matters in my life, a time I realised what I should be focusing on, a time I realised who I am. The coronavirus was a nightmare to many people, but to me it was a dream.

Lina Mohamed

Banque du Caire announces HQ employee infected with coronavirus

Fayed added that full sterilisation operations are currently being implemented for the main headquarters’ offices and departments. A medical examination will be performed on all workers who were in contact with the positive case, and samples will be taken with the recommendation of social isolation.

Hossam Mounir

Sir Magdi Yacoub urges Egyptians to stay home

Yacoub said that Egyptians should come together to fight the coronavirus pandemic by following government recommendations to stay at home unless for an emergency. He outlined that this will reduce patient numbers and relieve pressures on the country’s medical resources, saving more lives.

Daily News Egypt