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Private sector competes to provide new CSR services in Egypt 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has risen since the early 20th century due to the increasing separation between state ownership of production and private ownership, as well as the involvement of the private sector in the production process. The classical economic philosophy assumed that CSR is the provision of goods and services to consumers and the …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

The banks and the sinking boats

Who among us did not suffer when hearing the news of the over 200 souls who drowned in the sinking of an illegal migrant boat off Egypt’s coast? Most of them were young men who were desperate to realise the dream of becoming rich in Europe. In the end, they did not come to realise …

Hany Aboul Fotouh

Corporate Social Responsibility in Banks

  Over the past few years, a rising emphasis was placed on banks’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). But what does CSR mean anyway? This is indeed one of the most frequently asked questions for all those dealing with its matters. A simple definition of CSR would be how banks take the impact of their operational …

Hany Aboul Fotouh

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