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Corruption in Egypt

If corruption materialised as a man, I would kill that man. Corruption is the fierce enemy that permeates our society, devouring our resources. It works in the dark to destroy our lives. Corruption is the incurable disease that is rampant in the body of society, to blight and exhaust it. Corruption was mentioned in the …

Hany Aboul Fotouh

Tunisia protests corruption amnesty law

Hundreds of Tunisians have poured into Tunis’ streets to protest a controversial law offering amnesty to corrupt businessmen and politicians. The bill was introduced by the president over the summer.

Deutsche Welle

Civil society and the challenges of the law

Civil society was one of the key actors in the Egyptian political and social movement, witnessed during the last 10 years. This movement led to two great revolutionary waves on 25 January, 2011, and 30 June, 2013. The first one was against a corrupt system that came through rigged elections. The second was against a …

Daily News Egypt

How the Egyptian state frames and manages chaos

Having lived in complete chaos for many years, Egyptians have come to believe that chaotic behaviour is an Egyptian cultural trait, part of their DNA, and that we are by nature a chaotic people. The reality is that chaos is consciously sustained by the Egyptian state, to facilitate its authoritarian rule. It is simply one …

Mohammed Nosseir