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In Pictures: Sabahy, Al-Sisi exert final campaign efforts before pre-elections silence

Presidential candidates Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabahy officially terminated their campaigns on Friday, the last day before the two days pre-elections silence, stipulated by Article 18 of the Elections Law. Sabahy’s campaign organised a rally in Abdeen Square in Downtown Cairo on Friday. The rally was attended by public figures endorsing his campaign and …

AbdelHalim H. AbdAllah

Message on international anti-corruption day

By Ban Ki-Moon Corruption suppresses economic growth by driving up costs, and undermines the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.  It breaches fundamental human rights, exacerbates poverty and increases inequality by diverting funds from health care, education and other essential services.  The malignant effects of corruption are felt by billions of people everywhere.  …

Daily News Egypt

Waiting in the Queue…

We’ve been fighting for fifty years the same war, we can’t forget And the country is like a waiting room, And the queue reaches the airport “From the Queue”, By Mashrou’ Leila ……….. A picture of a wedding, where the bridesmaids are all wearing army fatigues, appears on your timeline. Another picture of a different …

Mahmoud Salem

EU aid to Egypt under attack

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Amr Darrag discussed a €200m grant to support Egypt’s public budget (currently running a 10.6% of GDP deficit) with EU delegation head James Moran

Daily News Egypt