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Where corruption thrives: Public universities in Egypt

Public universities in Egypt are institutions with multi-layered corruption from sexual harassment to nepotism. The Daily News Egypt was intrigued by a recent corruption case in Ain Shams University to look into the different forms of corruption directed at students at public universities. Students recount their experiences with corruption and what they think the solutions are.

Sarah El Masry

Review: Commentaries debate opposition, violence and corruption

Writers across Egyptian newspapers have explored an assortment of topics. Some of them dissected the deteriorating level of human rights in Egypt, especially after the recent clip of torture showing a man being beaten and dragged across the ground by Central Security Forces (CSF). Other writers condemned the opposition and their failing attempts to establish …

Daily News Egypt

The struggles of the Mubarak-era asset recovery process

By Waleed Nassar Egypt’s post-revolution efforts to repatriate Mubarak-era assets have garnered widespread international attention since his ouster in 2011.There are serious questions concerning what progress has been made over the past year and a half, however, as the international recovery process has not yielded the results many had hoped. For instance, only three countries …

Daily News Egypt