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Erdoğan v Gulen: power struggle comes full circle in Turkish soccer

Politics’ incestuous relationship with soccer came full circle this week with the mass resignation of executives from the Turkish football federation and the firing of scores of officials, including referees, as part of the government’s witch-hunt against followers of controversial Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen and other government critics. Intended to facilitate the weeding out of …

James Dorsey

The Turkish coup and the mania of cockfighting fans in Egypt

The failed coup in Turkey has revealed an imbalance in the way of thinking between Islamist elites, the political Islamic current, and the military state in Egypt. If you take one look at the logic by which these “teams” analyse and react to recent events through traditional media platforms and social media networks, you will …

Walaa Gad Elkarim

Why the coup in Turkey failed

The attempted military coup that shook Turkey on Friday was far closer than many realize to seizing state power. Tom Stevenson in Istanbul takes a closer look at why it ultimately failed.

Deutsche Welle

Botched coup weighs on Turkish shares

Stocks in Turkey opened lower after the weekend’s failed coup attempt, while the government in Ankara insisted the negative consequences would only be temporary. Some experts aren’t quite so optimistic. Shares listed on the Istanbul stock exchange were down 5 percent after parts of the Turkish military tried to seize power from the government Friday …

Deutsche Welle

The 6th military coup d’état in Turkey: reasons and results

The concept of a coup d’état is not new to Turkey. Friday’s event was the sixth coup d’état following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, starting with the 1960 Turkish coup d’état, then the 1971 Turkish military memorandum, followed by the 1980 Turkish coup d’état, the 1993 alleged Turkish military coup, the 1997 Turkish military …

Sayed Ghoneim

Military regimes should not be recognised 

The military upheaval in Turkey, of which the final consequences are yet to be seen, highlights a major weakness in worldwide efforts to promote democracy. This event underscores the need to establish binding international legal principles to ban the recognition of military regimes as a result of coups d’état. Establishment of such principles, and the creation …

Cesar Chelala

Foiled coup could reshape Turkey’s politics

An emergency session for the Turkish parliament was held Saturday afternoon with pro-government supporter’s surrounding the headquarters with chants against the coup attempt and an inside of the building marred by last night’s destruction.

Daily News Egypt

Burkina Faso’s coup takes a new twist

Burkina Faso’s military warned that its forces were converging on the capital with the goal of disarming the junta behind the coup from Thursday (17.08.2015). On Monday (21.09.2015), Burkina Faso’s army chiefs ordered coup soldiers to lay down their weapons as troops headed to the capital Ouagadougou from the provinces. They aim to remove the …

Deutsche Welle