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The ‘democracy’ that was

“Egypt needs to revert back to the democratic path,” is a common line thrown in our faces from every Tom, Dick and Harry across the world.  Egypt’s leaders diplomatically respond with the roadmap of election, constitution drafting and the rest of the plan they have in mind. Being on the ground, dealing day-to-day with that …

Rana Allam

State of play

Upon returning from a two-week trip abroad, the level of hatred towards the Muslim Brotherhood that I found in every person I spoke to is unprecedented and shocking.  From the moment I boarded the plane in New York until I left the airport in Cairo there was a constant theme to every small talk conversation …

Mahmoud Salem

The Dark Tunnel

This should be a Happy Story If this revolution had a motto, it would be “Everything you ever wanted, in the worst possible way”. Conventional wisdom said that if there was ever a revolution against Mubarak, then the Muslim Brotherhood would win. Conventional Wisdom said that if the Islamists ever made it to power they …

Mahmoud Salem

The Sisi Propaganda

So the day is done and as expected millions took to the streets in response to General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi’s call to authorise the army to “fight terrorism.” Scenes from yesterday’s different marches and demonstrations show how confusing things were. It was indeed more of a pro-army and pro-Sisi mobilisation than an anti-terrorism event. I …

Ziad A. Akl

When was the army outside of the political game in Egypt?

Those who say that what happened on 30 June was a popular revolution supported by the army do not deny that it was the main reason behind the achievement of their goal in overthrowing Morsi, just like it was on 25 January in overthrowing Mubarak. Like Mubarak, Morsi has supporters who believe that he is …

Farid Zahran