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Allegations against local companies may deter appetite for investing in Egypt

One of the first things foreign investors look at before injecting their money into a new country is the legal framework and the amount of risk that may arise once business disputes occur. Looking at Egypt in recent years, several local companies have been faced with accusations and charges regarding their operations. While these disputes …

Hisham Salah

CPA forms committee to examine Heinz production lines

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) formed a committee consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Supply, the Industrial Control Authority (ICA), and the CPA, to examine the quality and safety of production lines of the Cairo-based Heinz Egypt factory, in order to ensure their commitment to quality and safety standards, according …

Mohamed Ayyad

CPA refers Pizza Hut to public prosecutor for advertising false prices

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) referred Americana Group, owner of the Pizza Hut franchise in Egypt, to the public prosecution for violating Consumer Protection Act 67 of 2006. A consumer filed a complaint to the agency concerning Pizza Hut announcing false prices, said CPA chairperson Atef Yacoub. An advertisement campaign for the Pizza Hut Triple …

Daily News Egypt

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