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Going local to solve Mexico City’s water crisis

Mexico City’s creaking water infrastructure is a public health hazard and environmental disaster. Flooding and water shortages are commonplace. But grassroots movements are harnessing rainwater to ease the crisis. Rain pours from leaden skies and water sluices out of sewers, deluging streets and cascading down steps into the subway. In some neighborhoods, homes and businesses …

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World food prices plunge to new low

World food commodity prices in August logged their largest monthly drop since December 2008, the United Nations food agency said on Thursday – unwelcome news for Europe’s struggling farmers

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Europeans move south to escape economic crisis

As many young, well-educated people can't find jobs in crisis-stricken Europe, they turn south in search for work. More migrants are moving from Europe to Latin America and the Caribbean than the other way around. Originally hailing from Seville in southern Spain, Magdalena Martín Sevilla decided to make Chile her new home after she couldn't find any work for months….

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Can Greece invest its way out of the crisis?

Greece could surely use some economic growth – badly. But how? An evaluation of more than a hundred studies has revealed that public investment, even on credit, may just hold the key to long-term success. First of all, no one doubts that Greece is in need of fundamental reforms. It requires better administration, less corruption and more competition. It is…

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Food crisis in Cameroon

The country ranks 150 out of 186 countries on the 2013 UNDP’s Human Development Index, which measures countries based on income, life expectancy and education.

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G20 final document unlikely to address Ukraine crisis

Reuters – The world’s financial leaders are likely to discuss possible risks to Europe’s economy from the crisis in Ukraine, but there are no plans to mention it in the final document from their Washington meeting, two G20 officials said. Finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 developed and emerging economies will …

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