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Cuba: New restrictions holding back the private sector

From December, Cuba’s small business owners can open new stores again. But there is skepticism about what will really change as increased bureaucracy, longer authorization procedures and more controls are imminent.Roberto Navarrete looks relieved. “Finally, it starts again,” he says. On Tuesday, July 10, the Cuban government announced that it would resume business licensing for …

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Meeting Fidel

As a young medical student in Argentina, I had been fascinated by Fidel Castro and his rebel combatants. I followed with interest their advance from the mountains to the plains to the capital city of Havana. I longed to visit the island but the US blockade made it extremely difficult to travel to Cuba. Then, …

Cesar Chelala

Embargo on Cuba is an embarrassment for the United States

  The United States’ abstention on a resolution to end its economic embargo on Cuba—a first  after opposing it for 24 years—is an implicit acknowledgement of the wrongfulness of such a measure. It has brought considerable and unnecessary suffering to the Cuban people and hasn’t brought any positive results to the US. Cuba’s foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez said …

Cesar Chelala

China and Japan take a trip to Cuba

In the next few days, the prime ministers of Japan and China will visit Havana to talk about trade and investment. The two countries hope to gain a foothold in a market that is still off- limits to US companies.

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Cuba opens its doors to American hotels

As the US lifts its decades-old travel and trade restrictions on the Communist-led island, American hotel chains and booking services are jostling for a stake in the Carribean island’s hospitality market.

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Tourism is booming in Cuba

The thaw in relations between the US and Cuba has led to a marked increase in tourists visiting the country. The number of foreign tourists visiting Cuba has increased considerably. In the first nine months of this year, there was an 18 percent increase of tourists compared to 2014, according to the latest figures reported …

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US blocks release of hunger-striking Guantanamo detainee

The US Justice Department has argued against the release of a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay who has been on hunger strike for more than eight years. The detainee has been held at the base in Cuba since 2002. Lawyers for Yemeni prisoner Tariq Ba Odah had issued a request for their client’s immediate release on …

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Guantanamo: Where US terror prisoners occupy Cuban soil

Barack Obama would like to close the US prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba before the end of his term. The Cubans would like to have the entire base back. And the US Congress is opposed to both ideas, Kersten Knipp writes. Oh the things that Cuba could offer! Pineapples, coconuts, oranges and bananas, as well as potatoes, lettuce and…

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Riding the revolution

Ever since reading Khaled Al Khamissi’s Taxi a few years ago, I’ve been striking up conversations with taxi drivers in Egypt at almost any chance I get. One of my cousins, also a fan of the book, has a neat trick: Go for a random topic, x, and simply ask the driver: “What is your view on x, yasta?” Then …

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Cuba’s sculptor of the stars can’t quit tobacco

By Jean-Herve Deiller / AFP Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, Jack Nicholson, Groucho Marx and Arnold Schwarzenegger — meet the cast of notables Janio Nunez has sculpted entirely out of Cuba’s famed tobacco. The Cuban sculptor uses the same sticky leaves and time-honored rolling techniques that go into the famed cigars enjoyed by his subjects, and which …


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