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Just how is too much? Provocative moments in culture in 2018

In times of political turmoil, the cultural scene also aims to take a stand. The year 2018 made it clear how necessary controversial debate is and how unclear some red lines are.Art and culture deal with social developments. They refer to the past and stretch into the future. They can tear open reality, deconstruct it …

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Egyptian woman seeks to preserve Egyptian identity, culture

Egyptian culture is distinguished by its diversity and inclusion of diverse heritages, such as the Islamic, Christian, Jewish, pharaonic, African, and Mediterranean cultures. Egypt is considered one of the countries that carry diverse cultures, which enabled it to build its heritage and history. Nowadays, there are many attempts and initiatives that aim to preserve the …

Nehal Samir

Pentathlon has its roots in Muslim culture: Schormann

The 2016 Junior World Modern Pentathlon Championships concluded its events at the Cairo International Stadium on 18 September, where Klaus Schormann, president of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM), was present. On this occasion, Daily News Egypt sat down for an interview with Schormann. Can you tell us about your journey in sports? When …

Maya Nawar

Ministry of misleading culture

Why is it that the Egyptian elite suffer from a continuous state of funk? Why do these people have to go out of their way to present fabricated stories or half-truths to make us feel good about ourselves? Besides Egypt’s interesting history and rich culture, is it not possible for Egyptians to have pride in …

Robert Boulos

Top Spanish literature award for Mexican Fernando del Paso

The Cervantes Prize is the most important literary honor of the Spanish-speaking world. This year, the accolade goes to a multi-talented monument of Mexican culture, Fernando del Paso. The 80-year old Mexican novelist and poet is this year’s winner of the Cervante Prize, announced the Spanish Culture Minister Inigo Méndez on Thursday (12.11.2015). The award …

Deutsche Welle

Rewriting textbooks in India, a hidden agenda?

A debate has broken out over attempts by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party to “Hinduize” the educational system, root out liberal influences and in some cases to re-write history. Murali Krishnan reports from New Delhi. A concerted move is underway in the north Indian state of Rajasthan to revamp the education syllabus in schools in …

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Where the big deals are made at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Some 7,200 publishers from 104 countries are promoting their new publications during the book fair. There not just doing it for the visitors. The world’s largest event in the industry is mainly about business. Last year at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Zhao Shuai negotiated over 73 cooperation deals. He hopes to top that number this …

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Prophecies come true: When there’s nowhere to hide from culture

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD A stunning opera show was held on Egyptian TV on the birth of Islam last week, with beautiful music and a spectacular light show, superb direction, acting and great lighting and costumes. This was done for the October War celebrations; however it seemed a bit overly religious for such a …

Daily News Egypt

Cultural treasures are also victims of war

The “Islamic State” militant group recently smashed several art pieces at the Palmyra UNESCO World Heritage site, in the Syrian city of that name. Even more brutally, they beheaded 82-year-old Khaled Al-Assad, one of Syria’s most respected archaeologists, who had been the keeper of Palmyra for more than 50 years. In Yemen, the damage to three out of …

Cesar Chelala

How the IS is waging war on Syrian culture

When the terrorist organisation “Islamic State” (IS) took over Syria’s ancient desert city of Palmyra in May, they were hoping to open a lucrative business. Many of the valuable artefacts in the city, they reckoned, would make their way into the international art market and become a sizeable source of income

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