Latest in Tag: D-CAF Highlight

Latest in Tag: D-CAF

Without Damage gets a ground-breaking debut at Egypt’s D-CAF 

People may or may not be familiar with contemporary art, but it involves no damage to the audience to watch the amazing performance by contemporary dancer Mohamed Fouad and see for themselves what the performance has to say; to construct their own meanings. The 45-minute world premiere contemporary dance show is performed by Mohamed Fouad, …

Daily News Egypt

D-CAF’s Before the Revolution portrays all roads to ‘inevitable eruption’

In a dimly lit room, where the surrounding black walls invaded one’s soul, leaving attendees alerted with frustration and apprehension, only two performers under bright yellow spotlights, standing still, welcoming attendees with emotionless faces and what looks like soulless bodies, started the journey of time travel to Egyptian daily lives before the 25 January 2011 …

Nada Deyaa’

7th the D-CAF extends outside usual Downtown borders

For the seventh year in a row, Cairo’s Downtown celebrates spring by turning into a hub for art performances from various cultures, presenting several kinds of arts to thousand of attendees. The seventh Downtown Contemporary Art Festival (the D-CAF) will kick off 8 March and last until 29 March, bringing different sorts of art performances …

Nada Deyaa’

Contemporary art set to take over Downtown

The second edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) starts on Thursday 4 April. For 24 days Downtown Cairo will be filled with performances, screenings, workshops, exhibitions and more. We spoke to Ahmed El Attar, the artistic director of D-CAF.

Adel Heine

D-CAF and the Downtown culture revival

By Maha ElNabawi Since the Jan. 25 uprising, Downtown Cairo has been the stage for some of the greatest acts of protest in modern Egyptian history. And while the once burgeoning opposition movement has been diminished to a near memory, the iconic neo-classical buildings and artistic aura continue to inspire Egyptian culture and forward thinking. Thursday …


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