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Latest in Tag: Daily News Egypt

On social ugliness and beauty

With notable exceptions, the majority of Egyptian movies seem to be made with consistent mediocrity, while pretending to be artistic because they seemingly reflect “Egyptian reality.”

Mahmoud Salem

Ibrahim was captured on the first anniversary of the death in Sirte of Kadhafi. (AFP/ Getty Images)

Kadhafi spokesman arrested

News of the arrest came hours after the authorities said Libya was still not fully liberated from Kadhafi’s legacy and warned that loyalists continued to pose an active threat, particularly in Bani Walid, one of his final strongholds.

Daily News Egypt

News of Sukuk issuance agreement creates confusion among Islamist parties

The Ministry of Finance’s head of the Public Debt Unit, Samy Khallaf, declared that a preliminary agreement has been reached with 10 international investment banks to carry out the procedures of issuing the first Egyptian Islamic Sukuk in international markets. The value of the projected Sukuk, Khallafa dded, would range from $750 million to $1 …

Islam Serour

A man looks at destroyed vehicles following two car bombs near the provincial government headquarters in Kirkuk. (AFP/ Marwan Ibrahim)

Iraq attacks kill at least eight

Baghdad, (AFP) — A spate of shootings and bombings targeting Iraqi security forces north of Baghdad on Monday killed at least eight people, while a prisoner on death row escaped from a police station south of the capital. The attacks, which killed four policemen and three anti-Qaeda militiamen, came after a deadly bombing targeted Iraqi …

Liliana Mihaila