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OCI deal pushes stock up

The EGX 30 index closed with a 1.5% surge at 5615.36 points on Tuesday, while the EGX 70 index, encompassing small and medium sized companies, saw a modest rise of 0.53%. The broader index EGX 100 increased by 0.71%.

Hend El-Behary

Avoiding austerity, Ahmed Galal is betting on Egypt’s economy

Egypt’s new Minister of Finance, Ahmed Galal, has chosen. He prefers a strategy of stimulating the economy over a focus on austerity. This is bold. It may not seem like it, especially in the midst of the manly, grand ultimatums we have seen in the last month, but in economic terms, it is. Pushing for …

Iris Boutros

Moving Egypt back to the democratic path

By Catherine Ashton Even in a country as turbulent as Egypt is today, some traditions transcend the sharpest divisions and provide brief periods of calm. Last week, on my drive into Cairo we saw very few cars. The city’s legendary traffic jams had disappeared. It was just after dusk. People were at home with their …

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