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Feuding families reach government brokered truce in Aswan

Two feuding families in Aswan reached a government brokered truce on Saturday that would put an end to tensions that last week escalated with the deaths of two members of the Daboudia tribe. State-run Al-Ahram reported the truce, which came two days after a resurgence of violence, was mediated by a local governor and security …

Daily News Egypt

Belly Dance in Egypt

Belly dancing is one of the most fascinating styles of dance in Egypt. Cairo is known as the global capital of belly dancing. Following the increasing appearance of foreign belly dancers in Egypt’s nightclubs and casinos, the Daily News Egypt looks at the belly dancing industry in Egypt and learns about the different techniques and styles of belly dancing. Considering the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in Egyptian politics, some are concerned that belly dancing might become more restricted in Egypt. Belly dancers, though, have faith that their profession will continue to grow.

Ethar Shalaby

Desert Island Discs – Uno

The BBC’s Radio 4 airs a wonderful programme every week called Desert Island Discs, now the UK’s longest-running radio show. Each week a famous or celebrated person is a guest on the programme and is asked to imagine they are stuck alone on a desert island like Robinson Crusoe, or Tom Hanks in Cast Away. …

Daily News Egypt

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