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Calls for legally punishing artists for performing Kiki challenge

While the Kiki challenge is taking over social media worldwide, with artists and figures capturing their dances on mobile cameras, the former head of the Central Traffic Department, Magdy El-Shahid, said that Egyptian artists who performed the Kiki challenge might face a penalty of up to one year in jail and a fine up to …

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‘Tahtib’: The once martial art that turned into a dance

  Egypt is known for having a unique heritage of martial arts that people still practice regularly without it being invaded by modernism or abandoned by younger generations; “tahtib” is one of them. Thousands of men in Egypt’s rural areas, especially Upper Egypt, still gather on a weekly basis to show off their abilities in …

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Contemporary art set to take over Downtown

The second edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) starts on Thursday 4 April. For 24 days Downtown Cairo will be filled with performances, screenings, workshops, exhibitions and more. We spoke to Ahmed El Attar, the artistic director of D-CAF.

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Sun, sand, sea and dance: Hurghada

The budding dance community on the Egyptian Red Sea is becoming more popular as the host for small, exotic, inexpensive dance getaways for both the experienced and the novice dancer. And the close proximity of Hurghada to Europe and other Middle Eastern countries and the relatively cheap travel packages makes it an excellent spot for a holiday where you can dance to your heart’s delight.

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AfroLatin Festival comes to Cairo and Hurghada

Today’s Kizomba music has an easy beat, features the Portuguese language, and is slow and very modern-sounding. Its dance steps come directly from Semba, but the dancers are much closer and the dance can incorporate elements borrowed from Tango.

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