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Chinese Vice President affirms in Davos China’s commitment to global growth, upholding international order

Davos– Wang Qishan, Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China, reaffirmed China’s commitment to building world peace, promoting global growth and upholding the international order, in a special address at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, on Wednesday. Wang explained that to understand China, one must turn to the lessons of history, adding that the advances …

Mohamed Samir

Future of Peace, Reconciliation in Multi-polar world

Davos- In recent years, a certain question has been on the rise, “Is the world becoming less violent?” despite the fact that statistically the world has become less ‘deadly’, conflict and disorder are on the rise, with massive bloodshed in Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. What is common in today’s armed conflicts, is the fact that they …

Mohamed Samir

Davos: the so-called 1 percent annual meeting

 Davos- What is Davos? It is the annual Mecca for thousands of top businesses, political and non-profit leaders, who attend the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) conference that takes place in Switzerland. Under a valiant mission of “improving the state of the world”, the global elite hold a four-day meeting in the ski resort town of …

Mohamed Samir

'Snow farming' helping to keep Davos a 'cross-country-skiing paradise'

Davos bills itself as a “cross-country-skiing paradise” – due to the fact that getting enough snow in the winter has always been as good as guaranteed. But now climate change is starting to have an impact."The route into the Sertig Valley is my favorite trail, simply a classic," says cross-country skiing star Dario Cologna. "This …

Deutsche Welle

Poland’s Davos — old vodka in new bottles

The Polish Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj is often dubbed “Poland’s Davos,” offering a wide range of debates on global or regional economic issues. DW’s Jo Harper shares his personal view on the gathering.Imagine being stuck on a long plane journey with Roger Stone on one side and Ivanka Trump on the other. Then, when you …

Deutsche Welle

The Arabs between Davos and Afrin

On January 20 2018, Turkish forces invaded Syrian territories in a military operation dubbed Olive Branch. The aim has been to clear Afrin from Kurdish “terrorists”—and Ankara vowed to continue its drive inside Syria to the Iraqi-Syrian borders to the east, to drive out all the Kurds from this vast stretch of territory. In so …

Hussein Haridi

Davos: The common ground of Trump and Xi

Donald Trump is dominating the World Economic Forum – and he’s not even there. It has been up to Chinese President Xi Jinping to relax the atmosphere.Nobody is as good as Donald Trump at making the Davos audience nervous. This Friday (20.1.2017), before the World Economic Forum (WEF) is over, he will be sworn in …

Deutsche Welle

The future in Davos

Nothing will remain the way it is now. Welcome to the digital world, one of the main topics this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.The future can look so old-fashioned. There are five middle-aged gentlemen dressed in grey or blue suits sitting on a podium in one of the many hotels in …

Deutsche Welle

Davos 2017: The great uncertainty

Once again, the global elite is meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos. But the climate is different this time as US President-elect Donald Trump dominates the meeting – without even being there.Klaus Schwab is not to blame. And the World Economic Forum, which he founded in 1971, isn’t to blame either. Not for …

Deutsche Welle

Culture of cooperation and common goals key to Germany’s victory: WEF

By Evline Meshreky A blog published by the World Economic Forum (Davos) attributed Germany’s success in football as well as economically to sustaining a culture of cooperation and common goals, and long-term policies to support those goals. The article relates the young average age in the German football team, 26.31, as opposed to 28.92 in …

Daily News Egypt

Iran eyes revival of key gas sector

Iran struggled to fill the vacuum after the departure of France’s Total, Spain’s Repson and the Royal Dutch Shell, and efforts to continue development through state-owned and quasi-private companies had mixed success.

Daily News Egypt