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Ali Abdallah Saleh: The death of Yemen’s strong man

Yemen’s former president and rebel leader Ali Abdullah Saleh was assassinated in the area of Khawlan in the capital Sanaa as he was fleeing Houthi rebels. His envoy was ambushed with an RPG rocket and he was then reportedly assassinated by gunfire. Some of his aides were killed, while others were injured. The strongman of …

Daily News Egypt

The death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rises to 54

Four new deaths occurred on Monday in Saudi Arabia among Egyptian pilgrims raising the death toll to 54, according to the Ministry of Health in a Monday statement. The latest cases, as mentioned in the statement, due to heart and breathing problems that escalated. Head of Egypt’s pilgrims delegation, Ahmed Al-Ansary, said that death certificates …

Daily News Egypt

Zubaida Tharwat dies at the age of 76

The innocent beauty of Tharwat made her perfectly fit for the character of a pure, acquitted girl that falls in love with the lead actor and fights for her love story’s happy ending. This brought about her nickname “The queen of romance”.

Daily News Egypt

Last words

“This is not the life I wanted, so I have to say goodbye.” “Sorry mummy, I couldn’t bear it anymore, I’m in another life now.” “I’m writing my own destiny, my own end.” Have you ever imagined that you may read a note like this written by someone you love? The note may appear on …

Aya Azmy

Everything in us is emotional

This week marks the anniversary of Yousef Shahin’s death. His death was quiet and simple, not reflective of the minutes of our lives which he had vociferously filled with his works. Works Shahin had inferred from the depths of his soul, and had run with, in order to build bridges between contradicting interpretations, without easing …

Nahed Salah