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The death of Giulio Regeni, a fellow researcher

I will try my best to be as brief and as concise as possible in this piece for more than one reason. First, the whole issue surrounding Giulio Regeni’s death is incredibly distressing, to the extent that I’m incredibly uncomfortable writing about it. Second, this is a newspaper, after all, and its readers are not …

Ziad A. Akl

Criminal law Professor Mohamed Bahaa Abu Shoqa said the Egyptian Public Prosecution has denied the involvement of the country’s security forces in the death of Italian student Giulio Regeni.

Giulio Regeni: Piecing together the fragments of stolen life

I never met Giulio Regeni. However, for the past 10 days since his disappearance I have reached out to mutual friends of ours in a desperate attempt to put together the fractured pieces about the theft of this beautiful stolen soul. The past five years in Syria, Egypt, and the Mediterranean have been years of …

Daily News Egypt

Leading boxers’ death in 2015

The world mourned when professional US boxer of Yemeni descent, Hamzah Aljahmi, passed away during a tournament in Connecticut in the US. Aljahmi, 19, collapsed after he received a direct hit to his head during an opening match in Ohio on 19 December that caused him to bleed internally. He died at St. Elizabeth Hospital …

Daily News Egypt

Africa and the death penalty: Time to let go!

By Ivan Simonovic On Tuesday, 6 June 1995, over a year after electing the late Nelson Mandela as its President, South Africa ended the use of the death penalty, with a ruling of its constitutional court. Mandela’s personal involvement in this outcome was significant: five years earlier, freshly out of prison, he had successfully pressed …

Daily News Egypt

Dozens killed in Saudi strike on Yemen

More than 30 civilians, said to be workers at a bottling factory, have been killed in a Saudi-led airstrike on Yemen. Meanwhile, unknown gunmen have assassinated the head of security in the port city of Aden

Deutsche Welle

Doctors face possible national threat

During a shift that started like any other, Dr Mina Nabil, an intensive care and anaesthesia doctor, received a phone call at 4pm, informing him of a critically ill patient suffering from a dangerously high temperature and breathing difficulties

Nayera Yasser

Egyptian actor Nour El-Sherif dies after long struggle with illness

Egyptian veteran actor Nour El-Sherif closed his eyes for the last time yesterday at the age of 69, according to the Middle East News Agency (MENA). “The actor passed away after a long battle with illness,”  actor Sameh El-Serety told MENA. “The funeral will be held Wednesday at Al-Shorta Mosque in 6th of October City.” …

Nada Deyaa’