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Latest in Tag: democracy

Has the army truly withdrawn from Egyptian politics?

I recently claimed in a previous article, to all those who were interested in the progress of political dialogue within Egypt, that the country’s military would “not seek to return and inject itself back into politics, and will not seek to once again directly administer the affairs of our country”. I was pleased to see …

Farid Zahran

The West and shopping for a new president

On Thursday night, the European parliament, after heated discussions, passed a resolution recommending the withholding of budget support to Egypt and tying financial aid to “significant progress” in areas of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. The MEPs criticised Hesham Qandil’s government and Morsi, whom they accused of making decisions that oppose the …

Sara Abou Bakr

Will the army administer our country once again?

It’s no secret that some in Egypt who seek to bring the army back into power have once again descended onto the nation’s streets, not for the purpose of restoring peace and security as some claim, but rather to rule and administer the country from anew. This position enjoys widespread support within a certain sector …

Farid Zahran

Egypt and Turkey are the key countries to ease tensions in Syria

By Aylin Kocaman In watching the disorder on Syria that has lasted for two years and cost 70,000 lives, people have always asked, “What is Assad doing?” They believed the problem could be resolved with a single decision from Bashar Al-Assad. They imagined he was alone in his character of dictator. Assad is not alone. …

Daily News Egypt

Are we in a “…….” or just smelling the roses?

This question is often repeated during times of crisis. When a nation finds itself consumed by war or strife, inevitably some will decide to remove themselves from the equation and occupy their time with trivial matters. A number of my friends have asked me this question since I published last week’s article where I attempted …

Farid Zahran

Women of the Arab Spring, beyond objects and subjects

By Natana DeLong-Bas Boston, Massachusetts – The Arab Spring introduced us to the strength and determination of the many Arab women who took to the streets and the internet to call for change in their governments and societies. Gone were the stereotypes of oppression and passivity. In their place were voices and faces of hope, …

Daily News Egypt

Democracy and the Egyptian experiment

Us Egyptians are proud and our honour reigns supreme. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wealthy businessman or a destitute employee, an illiterate farmer or an erudite scholar, a petty thief or an upright gentleman, a teenager or a grandparent, Muslim or Coptic, this particular susceptibility prevails among all Egyptians. It is part of our …

Fady Salah

To hell with the dictatorship of the majority

My new Egyptian friend is very excited about the recent developments in Egypt. She hates President Mohamed Morsy to pieces and wants a liberal to replace him. She considers herself a liberal Egyptian and a great women’s rights advocate. She supports a constitution that would guarantee equality and preserve human rights. She is veiled, but …

Fady Salah

Opening up to Islamists

The Arab Spring is undisputedly turning into an Islamist one. This has divided the world over how to deal with it. The realism school of Henry Kissinger supports opening up to Islamists, the same way Kissinger reached out to Communist China in the 1970s. The Chinese turned out to be more pragmatic than Communist, and …

Daily News Egypt

The price of broken promises

This week I am in Houston, Texas. I am here to give a talk to students of journalism, at the opening of the Sam Houston University Global Center for Journalism and Democracy, about the situation in Egypt post- revolution. This isn’t my first visit to Texas. I was here eight years ago as an Egypt …

Shahira Amin

Orientalist Democracy

The “Orientalist” dimension makes the Western outlook of the democratic process in Egypt prisoner to a one-sided vision

Ziad A. Akl

Government promotes public-private partnerships

Driven by the current financial shortfall, the Egyptian government has begun discussions regarding prospective public-private partnerships (PPP). According to officials, PPP are intended to catalyse infrastructure development, of which the country is in desperate need. The Ministry of Finance launched the MENA Project Finance and PPP two day conference yesterday, under the patronage of Prime …

Islam Serour

Review: freedom of expression debated in Egyptian columns

As the reaction to the US movie offensive to prophet Muhammed slows down, columnists across several Egyptian newspapers continue with their analysis of freedom of expression and its relation to the clip. Many writers touch upon the violent reactions towards the movie recalling the indecent words of many Islamic preachers while attacking certain artists. Some …

Daily News Egypt

Review: columnists condemn division of Liberal bloc

Major opinion pieces in Egyptian newspapers have debated a variety of topics that relate to Egyptian politics. Most importantly, most commentators have condemned the division and separation hitting the landscape of the secular power in Egypt. The success of the Muslim Brotherhood and the popularity of political Islam in Egypt has led many writers to …

Daily News Egypt

Review: Columnists debate emergency law, Coptic community and Tahrir Square

Across different Egyptian newspapers, columnists have tapped upon various issues that relate to Mohamed Morsy’s rule. Some writers have condemned the debate over female circumcision; others criticise proposals of the new Justice Minister to reinstate the long-lived emergency law. On another note, some commentators discussed how the deteriorating Tahrir Square is calling upon Egyptians to …

Daily News Egypt

Where the shoe pinches

By Mohammed Ali Ibrahim the former editor in chief of both The Egyptian Gazette and Algoumhoria newspapers In 1928, Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan Al-Banna, adopted an approach to critics and skeptics which his followers and loyalists still adhere to today. His method was to shun reasonable argument or debate, opting instead for criticism and shouting …

Daily News Egypt