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EGP 942bn investments in government’s development plan for FY 2018/19

The government’s economic and social development plan for fiscal year (FY) 2018/19 includes total investments of EGP 942bn. The new plan marks a 46% increase compared to FY 2017/18. The plan was revealed by Prime Minister Sherif Ismail during a cabinet meeting on Thursday. Ismail explained that it is the largest investment plan in Egyptian …

Mohamed Samir

Ghada Wali seeks potential support for interdependence and dignity with UNDP representative

Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Waly sought possible support on Monday for “interdependence and dignity” programmes with Richard Dictus, United Nations (UN) and UN Development Programme resident coordinator in Egypt. A statement from the ministry on Monday said that the meeting tackled ways of collaboration and the UNDP’s desire to support the ministry in its …

Farida Ismail

Emirates Heights seeks to restructure departments, develop customer service

Emirates Heights started a comprehensive restructure of all its departments, especially after the recent crisis experienced by the company in light of the harsh economic climate in Egypt and the decline of the tourism sector. The company’s situation has recently stabilised and it had started to deliver the housing units for its customers who paid …

Daily News Egypt

The new preachers and the statues of social justice in Egypt

Aridity: It is not so odd that the new preachers are dressed in the robes of hermits. What feels oddest is the state of caste they embody. Finding their origins in a wealthier class has inevitably and unwillingly presented them as preachers to that very social class, which is not degrading, as the existence of …

Islam M. Elwany

Do countries sacrifice democracy for development?

It is one of the most complicated issues faced by political economic studies for development. Just like other complicated issues, there are those who consider that a minimal level of democracy is required to achieve economic development, while others oppose that view. There are also those who say there is a dialectic and complicated relationship …