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Latest in Tag: dictatorship

Fascism Incorporated: Our fault

When the blood of the other becomes a fathomable reality, fascism is born. I remember well standing among thousands in front of the UN, on 30 June 2013, as we screamed atop our lungs against one dictator, but little did we know we would help usher in a decidedly more bloodthirsty one. All it took …

Amr Khalifa

To hell with the dictatorship of the majority

My new Egyptian friend is very excited about the recent developments in Egypt. She hates President Mohamed Morsy to pieces and wants a liberal to replace him. She considers herself a liberal Egyptian and a great women’s rights advocate. She supports a constitution that would guarantee equality and preserve human rights. She is veiled, but …

Fady Salah

Morsy’s stepchildren

By Nervana Mahmoud They went out in the thousands; Egyptians from every walk of life and almost all political affiliations protested in Tahrir against President Morsy’s latest decree and the draft of the new constitution. However, they were not the only ones protesting. Islamist groups, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, protested too, but …

Fady Salah

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