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Copts in Egypt: roots of discrimination

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article right here on sectarianism in Egypt. The feedback I got was a wave of phone calls and emails all acknowledging the existence of sectarianism. In fact, there are some who called me and expressed their relief that finally we are talking about our sectarian problems without …

Ziad A. Akl

Not a question of morality

Ever since the ousting of Mubarak and the rise of the Islamic elite represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis and other groups, the question of morality has always been on the table. The Islamists, like any other political force that identifies itself with religion, believe that the root of all ills of society is …

Ziad A. Akl

Al Hussein Mosque at Al Azhar Hassan Ibrahim

No Longer Forgotten

Amid a crackdown on houses of worship, incidents of persecution, accusations of contempt of religion and the rejection of their political party, Egyptian Shi’as are no longer a forgotten community in Egypt. After the 25 January Revolution, Egyptian Shi’as sought to have more freedom in the new era. Hence, they were brought under scrutiny. Daily News Egypt investigates the Egyptian Shi’as file; their quest for more freedom, their attempts to enter the political arena, their demands for the new constitution, and Al-Azhar’s response to their activities

Sarah El Masry

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