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‘Replace My Face’ blends Western beauty with Eastern charm

By Rana Khaled   Have you ever noticed that Fouad El-Mohandes and Robin Williams look alike? Or paid attention to the resemblance between Bridgette Bardot and Naglaa Fathy, Ismail Yassin and Charlie Chaplin or Philip Seymour Hoffman and Yehia Al-Fakharany? A 24-year-old graphic designer, Hagar Nagi, decided to search for international celebrities who look similar …

Daily News Egypt

Notes from America: Al-Sisi is the self-righteous Egyptian ‘caliph’

By Ahmed Tharwat American historian Richard Hofstadter once said: “A fundamental paradox of the paranoid style is the imitation of the enemy.” The Ku Klux Klan emulated the elaborate rituals and hierarchy of the Catholic Church, and McCarthyism ended up emulating a communist secretive organisation. “The paranoid’s interpretation of history is in this sense distinctly …

Daily News Egypt

Terrorism by law

Why does the state insist on repeating history and losing the same old battles it has lost before, and will continue to lose so long as its aim is to suppress freedom? History does not repeat itself except in an undeveloped country and a run-down society. Despite everything we’ve gone through, we have a youth that …

Emad El-Sayed