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Doctors don’t scale like Artificial Intelligence does

Using artificial intelligence in healthcare may seem counterintuitive if you have access to good human doctors. But even then, perhaps AI can help.From the moment you step into the offices of Babylon Health in London’s swanky South Kensington, you feel like you’re in the future. Only it’s a future that smells remarkably like the past. …

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ElBalto: Healthcare app connecting patients, doctors, caregivers

ElBalto, a mobile-based platform, was launched by a startup aiming to transform healthcare through connecting patients, doctors, and caregivers. The co-founder and CEO of the company, Mahmoud Abdalla, explained that receiving medical assistance in non-emergency cases often meets unneeded hassles and obstacles, such as traffic jams, doctor cancellations, or no-shows He added that in Egypt’s …

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In Video: Doctors protest to implement verdict of infection allowances

Egyptian doctors are currently entitled to only EGP 19 allowance if they are infected during work, despite the emerging deadly dangers they face in their jobs. “We call for increasing the infection allowance to EGP 1,000 per month instead of the current EGP 19.” The Doctors’ Syndicate will hold a demonstration in front of the …

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