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Worst week for dollar since Trump election

The greenback has been on track to record its worst week against a basket of major currencies since July. The slump was caused by political uncertainties surrounding US President Donald Trump.After a series of gains following the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president, the dollar slumped to its lowest index in 10 months on …

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Strong dollar threatens Trump’s trade goals

Donald Trump ran for President pledging to narrow US trade deficits. But a strong dollar is working against him – it makes US exports less price-competitive globally, and foreign goods cheaper in the US.Trump acknowledged that the strong dollar would undermine US exports and help foreign exporters sell more goods in the US in a …

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US Dollar loses 10 piastres during Thursday transactions

The US dollar exchange price index slipped against the Egyptian pound in 11 banks during Thursday tradings/transactions, at rates ranging from 5 to 15 piastres, after a significant increase pushed the exchange rate to the level of EGP 18.26 at the end of Wednesday. The dollar declined by 15 piastres in the Arab Investment Bank, …

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