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The Donald’s dollars come from Frankfurt

Where does Donald Trump borrow most of his money? Germany. The country’s largest financial institution, Deutsche Bank, has floated him $2.5 billion in loans. But the bank-billionaire relationship is a fraught one.

Deutsche Welle

Deconstructing Donald Trump

Those who quickly dismissed Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency are wrong. As his nomination as the Republican candidate for the presidency is becoming increasingly possible, it is worth analysing his announcement as a candidate, since it offers an insight into the main tenets on which his presidency will be based. Rather than being a …

Cesar Chelala

Ignore Trump’s bigotry at your peril!

Donald Trump is smashing red lines at the rate of knots, yet his popularity with Republican voters is soaring. Most polls place him way ahead with 35% nationwide; 19% higher than his closest rival. The more vulgar and offensive he is, the more the voters love him. He is successfully exploiting people’s fears of ‘the …

Khalaf Al Habtoor

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