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Al Ismaelia for Real Estate inaugurates La Viennoise building in Downtown

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment inaugurated on Saturday La Viennoise building, the first environmentally friendly historical building in Downtown Cairo. In the attendance of Ibrahim Mahlab, assistant to the president for strategic and national projects, and the deputy governor of Cairo, Al Ismaelia inaugurated La Viennoise building after its development according to the latest …

Daily News Egypt

Egyptians warmly embrace downtown’s new book stands

  Almost a week has passed since the free book stand initiative began in some of downtown’s most crowded streets, Alfy Pedestrian Boulevard and Emad El-Din street. Yet, their popularity increases with each passing day as people passionately embrace the books. “Take one book and leave another” reads the sign atop wooden stand on Alfy …

Daily News Egypt

The downtown kids

The downtown kids were running about the streets, creating sandstorms with their kicking and shoving. They were panting, sweating, kicking about a flattened can of coca cola. This game of football was held twice a week and the losers were to abide to whatever dare the winning team gave them. Sometimes they’d split themselves girls …

Aya Zain

Honouring Mohamed Mahmoud

“In the name of those who unjustly died in defence of an idea and in pursuit of a dream” Four years have passed since 19 November 2011 when the events of Mohamed Mahmoud Street in downtown Cairo broke out. Perhaps it is too late to wallow in the futility of nostalgia or to merely mourn …

Ziad A. Akl


In Pictures: Juices hit the streets of Cairo with summer season

With summer just a stone’s throw away, Cairo’s crowded streets sometimes reach unbearable limits. Yet its unique tastes never fail at adding colours of joy for citizens. A simple walk in  Downtown Cairo or nearby places can lead to street vendors standing with large glass-canisters clutched to their chests on one side, and a stand …

Daily News Egypt

International conference to revive Downtown as heritage area via presidential commission

The government is set to hold an international conference, commissioned by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, to revive Downtown Cairo as an important Middle Eastern heritage area after transferring street vendors to a new location. Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb said in a press statement Wednesday that “the state recovered the Downtown area from street vendors” and …

Mohamed Ayyad