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Latest in Tag: Dr mohamed fouad

So how is the economy?

Last week we talked about the challenges facing the new Egyptian government. We spoke of the newly appointed prime minister’s objectives. Mr Mehleb has proclaimed that his main aims are to wipe out militant violence and improve the economy. Well, security we all know about and can see its status by watching the news; but how …

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Where have all the young votes gone?

As I watched news coverage of Egypt’s constitutional referendum, I am constantly inundated with this urban legend that has surfaced following the polling regarding the absence of young voters. Interim President Adly Mansour has recently held a meeting with the youth to discuss this theme; around the same exact time, presidential political adviser Mostafa Higazy held a …

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Random observations on Egypt’s referendum

On Wednesday, as the polls closed and results started pouring in, a big step in Egypt’s transitional roadmap was concluded. While it was a no brainer that the constitution was going to be overwhelmingly ratified by popular vote, the actual results of the referendum deserve to be analysed carefully, as they do paint a picture of …

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Amr, Esraa and the Travolta Predicament

No doubt, current events in Egypt are testing our understanding as well as the practice of the freedom of speech and the concept of liberties at large. Two articles that I have come across in the past 6 months have paid homage to the concept of liberties in two distinct fashions. Last July, Dr. Amr …

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ElBaradei Exhumed

After his recent untimely resignation, it is fair to say that we have seen the end of Egyptian law scholar and diplomat Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei’s career in public service. Now, in the eyes of different people, ElBaradei is seen to be as much of a prodigy as he is seen to be a traitor. We …

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Close, but no cigar

Egypt is locked into an uncomfortable anticipation zone. Everyone is bracing to see how the current events will unfold. Will a sweeping security intervention be deployed to clear the sprawling sit-ins? Will a last minute bid to reconcile be made? The only option left is for us to wake up and this would all have …

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Beyond “crowd democracy”

A new buzz word is being coined these days: Crowd Democracy. Basically, in the absence of a system, an alternative system is created, or as Wael Nawara puts it: “As representative democracy failed to deliver, people resorted to alternatives.” The recent call to rally by Army Chief General Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi has sent an outpouring …

Dr Mohamed Fouad

The popular myth of the ‘unpopular Ikhwan’

By Dr Mohamed A.  Fouad We all know it or seem to think we know it; we like to advance several pieces of evidence to suggest this infamous statement: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity is going down the drain!” However, we never seem to follow this notorious assumption with an important question: So what? If only …

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