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Latest in Tag: Dubai film festival

The history award goes to… the blank slate!

Egypt won three awards last week at the Dubai film festival and thank heavens it was not for those two annoyingly-titled movies that were showcased at the (bungled) Cairo International Film Festival. As luck would have it, I watched the trailer for one of those two movies and could not help but notice a scene …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Palestinian film ‘Habibi’ wins best Arab film at Dubai fest

Dutch-Palestinian production “Habibi Rasak Kharban” won the Muhr Arab Feature award at the eight Dubai International Film Festival, ending a stellar edition marred by an otherwise weak Arab features selection. Widely panned by both Arab and international critics, the first feature by American filmmaker Susan Youssef is a modern retelling of the Arab fable “Qays …


Shades of Lebanese history and a dash of ‘1/2 Revolution’ in Dubai

For most of the previous decade, Egyptian film dominated the regional fest circuit, stirring a media frenzy for its popular stars and winning awards right and left for work that was far more developed, if less daring, than that of neighboring countries with less experience and no industrial backbone. Egyptian cinema has been in decline …


Dubai Film Fest opens with ‘Mission: Impossible’ world premiere

In a year where glamour and entertainment in the region were forced to take a backseat to the tumultuous events of the Arab Spring, the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) emerges strongly from the storm with one of its most interesting line-ups yet. The extravagant tone of this year’s edition was set with the opening …


Dubai kicks off 7th festival with eclectic film selection

Amid a blaze of sparkling fireworks echoing from every corner of the Arabian Metropolis, the seventh edition of the annual Dubai International Film Festival kicked off Sunday night, commencing nine busy days of film screenings, industry seminars, workshops and plenty of business transactions. A bevy of film stars descended on Dubai for the biggest film …


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