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Egypt’s economic crisis and the need for a change in policies

“It’s the economy, stupid” was the original phrase which James Carville coined as a lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign in 1992 against the then sitting president George H. W. Bush. Its effect was magical. In 1991, 90% of polled Americans approved of Bush’s performance days after American troops moved to defeat Saddam …

Hussein Keshk

Effect of Greece’s economic crisis on people’s health

For the last several years, Greece has been going through a protracted and damaging economic crisis that has had profound consequences on the health of the Greek people. The economic crisis has predominantly impacted the health of vulnerable populations, with a rise in suicides and deaths due to mental and behavioural disorders. Although other European …

Cesar Chelala

Dominican chef’s rags-to-riches tale wows Spain

Maria Marte migrated to Spain in 2003 and started washing dishes in a Madrid restaurant. She stayed despite the economic crisis and is now a head chef with two Michelin stars to her name. Guy Hedgecoe reports. Maria Marte is delicately spooning a smooth parsley sauce from a blender into a bowl, in preparation for …

Deutsche Welle

Europeans move south to escape economic crisis

As many young, well-educated people can't find jobs in crisis-stricken Europe, they turn south in search for work. More migrants are moving from Europe to Latin America and the Caribbean than the other way around. Originally hailing from Seville in southern Spain, Magdalena Martín Sevilla decided to make Chile her new home after she couldn't find any work for months….

Deutsche Welle

Egypt’s Economic Crisis Growing

By Sherif Elhelwa Egypt’s political and civil unrest is combining with economic decline to threaten the country’s future. President Mohamed Morsi’s decision to remove government subsidies from some forms of energy and to establish ration cards for gasoline has sparked popular anger. Dozens of Egyptians were injured when thousands of supporters and opponents of Morsi’s …

Daily News Egypt

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