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Investors praise current economic reforms taken by Egyptian government

Chairperson of Rotana Hotel Management Corporation Nasser Al-Nowais said that there is great interest from the Egyptian government in the Saudi private sector. Al-Nowais added, during the 3rd Egypt Investment Forum, that the Egyptian government has encouraged investments through some reforms, such as liberalising the exchange rate, lifting subsidies, and seriously solving the problems of …

Shaimaa Al-Aees

Fashion between economic reforms and purchasing awareness

A few years ago, Egypt opened its arms to international brands. In a short timeframe, local malls were filled with top-notch brands and updated collections. While 2015 witnessed multiple opening ceremonies of the world’s most coveted names, 2016 went in the opposite direction. After some complicated regulations and negative economic decisions, a few brands have …

Nayera Yasser

Saudi Arabia proposes economic reforms

Saudi Arabia has run a massive fiscal deficit in 2015, due to low oil prices. Now the Saudi Finance Ministry has announced plans to reduce subsidies on energy, and investments to try to diversify the economy.

Deutsche Welle

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