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Turkey’s economic woes power Balkan reboot

As Russia, the EU and China eye the Western Balkans, it may be that the old colonial power, Turkey, is best placed to play a key role in the region. And this perhaps because of, not despite, its economic problems.Turkey has long considered the Western Balkans part of its sphere of influence. The Ottoman Empire …

Deutsche Welle

EU economic growth forecast reduced

The European Commission has released new economic growth forecasts. Europe’s major economies are expected to grow in the next two years — but at a slower rate than the Commission had previously forecast.The European Commission on Thursday cut its forecasts for the eurozone’s economic growth this year, citing among the top causes for its revision …

Deutsche Welle

Egypt: A term of spending despite austerity

Life in Egypt did not, before 25 January, and still does not, after 30 June, live up to the aspirations of many of its inhabitants. Social welfare has been sacrificed on the altar of economic “reform”, as if that was the only hurdle impeding the government’s effectiveness to provide a decent life for all. For …

Islam M. Elwany

The heritage of economic citizenship: a‘refuge’ for advancement

A lot of unnecessary energy has already been expended on Egyptian television arguing over the planned reforms ofresidency and naturalisation procedures, with accusations of treason flying both ways. The idea is that you get a five-year long residency if you stash a lot money in the bank that the government will then spend and invest …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Does Egypt’s economic targets line up with its economic reality?

Minister of Finance Amr El-Garhy had said on Sunday that the ministry has set three goals for the country’s budget in the fiscal year (FY) 2017/2018. According to him, the ministry plans to focus on sustainable development, by raising the GDP by 5%, reducing unemployment to 11%, and cutting the national debt to 94% of …

Hisham Salah

Egypt’s subsidy system: questionable corruption, unending problems

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the world was plagued by famines and world wars, governments enlisted food subsidy programmes to feed their citizenry in these desperate times. Such programmes are still used by government’s all over the world in order to combat poverty and hunger. However, many countries across the world have …

Hisham Salah