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German economists raise growth outlook

Leading economic institutes in Germany have revised their joint growth outlook for Europe’s powerhouse. They said gross domestic product would expand more than forecast last autumn despite many uncertainties.A group of leading German economic research institutes on Friday presented their latest joint growth outlook for Europe’s largest economy, raising their previous forecasts for the next …

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German economists debate trade surplus

The Trump administration has targeted Germany for its big trade surplus with the United States and the rest of the world, claiming this poses big problems. Some German economists agree. Others don’t. Here’s why.On Monday, the ‘German Council of Economic Experts’ (GCEE) submitted its annual two-year economic forecast, outlining how it expects the German economy …

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Economists react to Paris attacks

Analysts warn that fear following the horrendous terrorist attacks may dampen the economic mood around the world. But, they say, the damage done to both France’s and the global economy will be minimal and short-lived. While the horrendous attacks in Paris, which left at least 129 people dead, are sure to leave a lasting scar …

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Can Greece invest its way out of the crisis?

Greece could surely use some economic growth – badly. But how? An evaluation of more than a hundred studies has revealed that public investment, even on credit, may just hold the key to long-term success. First of all, no one doubts that Greece is in need of fundamental reforms. It requires better administration, less corruption and more competition. It is…

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Cleaner cooking, electricity can improve millions’ lives

By Dr Bjørn Lomborg Nutritious food, clean water and basic healthcare for all may be obvious high-priority targets for the international community, but we shouldn’t ignore energy. Reliable and affordable energy is as vital for today’s developing and emerging economies as it was before the Industrial Revolution. Driven mostly by its five-fold increase in coal …

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