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EFG Hermes denies CEO’s connection with Port Said case

CAIRO: After EFG Hermes CEO Yasser El-Mallawany was banned from traveling earlier this week, the firm said it “categorically denies” any connection between the ban and the Port Said case. “EFG Hermes categorically denies that the travel ban against Mr. El-Mallawany is in any way connected with the recent events in Port Said,” the firm …


EFG Hermes shares slide after CEO’s travel ban

CAIRO: Conflicting reports surrounded the reasons behind a travel ban on Yasser El-Mallawany, CEO of Cairo-based regional investment bank EFG Hermes, as shares in the firm fell 4.5 percent on Monday. The stock’s closing price reached LE 11.01 after hitting a low of LE 10.87 earlier in the trading session. The main EGX 30 index …


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