Latest in Tag: Egypt Automotive summit Highlight

Latest in Tag: Egypt Automotive summit

Egypt Automotive summit to kick off 10 December

Under the patronage of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, the 6th annual Egypt Automotive summit will be held in Cairo on 10 December in the presence of the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Finance, Military Production, and Public Enterprise Sector.

Daily News Egypt

4th Egypt Automotive summit bears hope for auto industry

Workers in the automotive industry have participated in the fouth round of Egypt’s Automotive summit 2017 with great hopes for reviving the industry, amid the current fluctuations in the Egyptian car market. A number of auto experts believe that theis year’s summit tackled all the challenges facing the sector, notably the severe drop in car …

Daily News Egypt

Customs tariffs, specifications, strategy are key focus at Egypt Automotive Summit: Bavarian Auto Group chairperson

Farid El Tobgy, the chairperson at Bavarian Auto Group, said the challenges facing automotive companies in Egypt include the shrinking market, the high customs tariffs, and keeping pace with the technological development that the automotive industry has reached around the world. He told Daily News Egypt that the government should reveal its vision for the …

Ahmed Amer

Exports, manufacture of components vital issues on the table at Egypt Automotive Summit: MCV executive advisor

Automotive manufacturers are awaiting the chance to export Egyptian products and the elimination of obstacles so as to open new markets, in addition to strengthening the local industry by developing manufacturing components. These are some of the most vital issues the attendees of the third annual Egypt Automotive Summit will be concerned with, said Amr …

Ahmed Amer

Summit discusses sector’s problems with transparency, we are waiting for government to activate recommendations: Brilliance Bavarian Auto general manager

To mark the start of the third annual Egypt Automotive Summit, Daily News Egypt interviewed Khaled Saad, the general manager of Brilliance Bavarian Auto in Egypt, in order to better understand his vision for the summit and the points that it should discuss this year. What do you think of the third Egypt Automotive Summit? …

Ahmed Dawoud

Annual summit necessary to boost automotive industry: Ratynski

  Prior to the Egypt Automotive summit that kicks off on Tuesday, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles-Egypt CEO Maciej Ratynski spoke to Daily News Egypt, saying that holding an annual summit to discuss automotive industry in Egypt will contribute to boosting the industry. He added that it will provide an opportunity for the leading manufacturers to meet …

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