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Latest in Tag: egyptian cinema

Realist director Mohamed Khan dies at 73

Prominent director Mohamed Khan passed away at the age of 73 in Al-Andalus hospital in Cairo during the early hours of Tuesday. His funeral will be held at noon on Tuesday, followed by the burial ceremony. Khan was a leading figure of the 1980s realist wave of filmmaking in Egypt, marking a significant period in …

Adham Youssef

Hepta and the return of romance to Egyptian cinema

Hepta (The Last Lecture) was probably the most anticipated Egyptian movie of the year, which comes as no surprise as it is based on the massively successful, best-selling novel of the same title. The novel received polarising reviews, which ranged from being called a masterpiece of modern Egyptian romantic fiction to a piece of overly …

Daily News Egypt

Expanding the scope of Egyptian filmmaking

In an article titled “Happy New Year”, I said that 2015 was a bright year for Egyptian cinema and that I was confident that 2016 would continue to be a success. Since the beginning of 2016, there have been signs that a different type of filmmaker is entering the arena.  News broke out during the last …

Mohamed Abdel Kareem

THE REEL ESTATE: The colliding worlds of Downtown

By Joseph Fahim Apart from Heliopolis, my beloved district that has been the subject of various recent films, no other neighborhood in Cairo is as diverse, complex and utterly fascinating as Downtown. Once the most affluent, most beautiful locality in Egypt, the face of Downtown, like most of the country, has radically changed over time; reflecting …


Censors ban screening of ‘taboo’ interfaith love story

By AFP LUXOR: Egyptian filmmakers and critics denounced the authorities on Monday for blocking the screening of a “taboo” film about a love story between a Christian woman and a Muslim man. “We denounce the fact that censorship authorities have prevented the screening of Hesham Issawi’s ‘Cairo Exit’ at the Luxor African Film Festival,” dozens …


A memo from a pre-revolution Egypt

By Joseph Fahim The smothering injustices, poverty, frustration and despair that transformed the large January 25 protest into a revolution are embedded in every frame of Emad Ernest’s “Leather Chairs,” a documentary which premiered on Saturday at the Cairo Opera House’s Artistic Creativity Center. Conceived a few months before the Jan. 25 protests, Ernest’s 11th short …


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