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Latest in Tag: egyptian politics

Dollar breaks EGP 17, driven by shortage at banks 

The US dollar exchange rate to the pound exceeded EGP 17.5 on Tuesday, marking its highest level over the past two weeks. The depreciation comes as demand builds up to cover importation, leaving banks with a shortage. The greenback began a wave of strengthening again since last week, continuing its movement upwards to reach EGP …

Hossam Mounir

How does Egyptian culture influence its politics?

By Mohammed Nosseir Culture matters! And when it comes to Egyptian politics, it matters enormously. In the absence of a proper political structure, where the existing structure is often altered to better serve the ruler, culture plays an essential role in mobilising Egyptians. To better understand the dynamics of Egyptian politics, one must first understand …

Daily News Egypt

Strange Days…

Think tankers and policy researchers working on Egypt in the States do not know what to make of all of this

Mahmoud Salem

Bonfire of the banalities

By Philip Whitfield CAIRO: Grace and pace they have not. Filibuster and bluster they’re full of. Can you believe the new crop of rags-to-riches whistle-stoppers are turning down a billion US dollars and some because their pride is hurt? More likely they’ve been tipped off the US aid package to Egypt will end up as small …


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