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Latest in Tag: Egyptian Social Democratic Party

Parliamentary elections update- 14 February

Al-Wafd condemns state interference Al-Wafd Party’s chairman El-Sayed El-Badawy accused the electoral coalition called “For the love of Egypt” formed by military expert Sameh Seif El-Yazal (formerly Kamal El-Ganzoury’s list) of “choosing their candidates by orders from the state’s sovereign entities”, contradicting previous agreements. However, El-Badawy did not rule out possible alliances between the two …

Daily News Egypt

Farid Zahran

Once Again: What do Egyptians want from America?

In the last article we discussed Egypt’s elite, and in particular those supporters of the nationalist, or “deep” state, who are largely in line with American strategic directives regarding the administration of the region and the world at large. None of their adopted polices clash with American interests, either in Egypt or in the region …

Farid Zahran

ESDP criticises Morsi

Egyptian Social Democratic Party says President Morsi’s latest speech on attacks on the Brotherhood headquarters is unprecedented in history of fascism

Luiz Sanchez