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Egyptian nurses share COVID-19 battlefront stories

Since then, Mohamed has been singing for the medical staff and patients at the quarantine hospital, providing relief and a much needed breather. This has been a time of great stress and pressure on healthcare workers, as Mohamed herself reported, saying she felt depressed at the beginning of her work at the quarantine hospital. 

Nihal Samir

Muslim pilgrims throw pebbles at pillars during the "Jamarat" ritual, the stoning of Satan, in Mina. (AFP PHOTO/ FAYEZ NURELDINE)

Death toll among Egyptian pilgrims rises to three

The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday the death of the third Egyptian pilgrim in Saudi Arabia, as a result of a cardiac arrest. The Head of the Egyptian Medical Pilgrimage Mission Mohamed Shawki, said that Shawqia Shehta, an Egyptian pilgrim died as a result of a cardiac arrest at the General Heraa Hospital …

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