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Egyptian, Iranian weightlifters climb the ladder after Russian champion stripped of Olympic medal

After the International Olympic Committee re-analysed the blood samples of some athletes, it discovered that Russia’s weightlifter Apti Aukhadov had been using banned substances at the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Aukhadov was stripped of the silver medal he received in the weightlifting 85kg clean and jerk category in 2012. At the time, Egyptian weightlifter Tarek …

Maya Nawar

The inner journey of Marwa Adel

“Marwa Adel is one of the most professional photographers in the world, and she has a statement to make, and it is a very important one regarding women and society,” said Professor Shems Friedlander, director of the AUC’s photographic gallery.

Daily News Egypt

How much longer can Al-Sisi manage to manipulate Egyptian politics?

By Mohammed Nosseir People may think that authoritarian rule is an easy task. However, the truth is quite the opposite; it is a far more complicated undertaking than democratic rule. Whereas democratic rule is a collective work, in which responsibilities are shared among the President, members of Parliament, governmental institutions and others, authoritarian rule requires …

Daily News Egypt

Notes From America: The Falafel Wars

By Ahmed Tharwat In my last flight to Paris, I was fortunate to be sitting next to a young man who seemed cautious; with an excessive head turning motion. He seemed like he was waiting for something to come or to happen. We avoided each other for a few thousand miles, until I started playing …

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