Latest in Tag: Eid Al Fitr Highlight

Latest in Tag: Eid Al Fitr

Food market slump

Despite a slump in the food market, prices of the basic food commodities are stable and items are available in large quantities.

Daily News Egypt

Kahk and groping: happy holidays

In a bitter, ironic contrast to the purity of thought and deed that are an integral part of Ramadan, scores of young Egyptian men took to the streets to chase, grope and violate women wherever they could find them.

Adel Heine

The six white days of Shawal

Fasting during the “six white days of Shawal” is not obligatory unlike during Ramadan. Fasting can be observed on any six days in Shawal and the days do not have to be consecutive. While fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of the Muslim faith, the fasting during the month of Shawal has a different significance.

Hend Kortam

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