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Latest in Tag: El sawy culture wheel

Taxi review: Egypt’s once indie becomes new pop?

The lyrics of Taxi are known to challenge the status quo in the country and have attempted to describe the different societal conditions of Egypt with this performance being no exception. The lyrics can be a big hit or miss, with some songs inventive and creative while others become formulaic and verge on the point of being clichéd.

Daily News Egypt

Sharing and charity – Dar El Abrar El Seghar girls enchant at Sawy

Charity is an integral part of Ramadan and many initiatives spring up leading up to and during the month long celebration. Drives to donate food to those in need to ensure they can break their fast with a proper meal, makeshift restaurants that serve Iftars for free pop up all over town and special events are organised all over the country to enable everyone to contribute freely and participate in this aspect of Ramadan. Over the course of this month we will continue to share with you some of these appeals for generosity.

Connor Molloy

Sawy short film fest held amid Egypt’s cultural turbulence

This time last year, Egypt was in a state of celebration. Seemingly free from the shackles of the Hosni Mubarak regime, Egyptians danced in the naivety of the reverberating chant, “the people and the army are one hand.” Shortly afterwards, Egypt witnessed an outpour of artistic energy and cultural activity manifested in an abysmal display …


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