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Iran heads to polls for new parliament

Iranians have been casting their ballots to decide if President Rouhani’s reform-minded agenda is the way of the future. The campaign season was marred by controversy over candidate eligibility.

Deutsche Welle

Factbox: Central African Republic elections

Voters in the Central African Republic are optimistic Wednesday’s (30.12.2015) poll will reunite a nation torn by sectarian strife. This is the third time elections are being held since independence from France in 1960.

Deutsche Welle

Runoff elections, a curse to our democracy!

In the aftermath of an election, nations that seek continuous improvement would sit back and reflect on lessons that can be learnt from such an event. The actual exercise of decision-making, where the state calls upon the people to partake in the process, is a mini course in the fundamentals of democratic practices. And as …

Robert Boulos