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Runoff elections, a curse to our democracy!

In the aftermath of an election, nations that seek continuous improvement would sit back and reflect on lessons that can be learnt from such an event. The actual exercise of decision-making, where the state calls upon the people to partake in the process, is a mini course in the fundamentals of democratic practices. And as …

Robert Boulos

Saudi Arabia sees first female elected official

A woman has been elected to the town council of Madrakah in western Saudi Arabia. Salma bint Hizab al-Oteibi ran in the first round of ballots contested by women in the country’s history. Salma bint Hizab al-Oteibi made history on Sunday by being elected to a municipal council seat in a town near Mecca, Saudi …

Deutsche Welle

‘Hostile Climate’: A pall over Venezuela elections

A dead opposition politician, a nervous government, and an era ending. Venezuela’s forthcoming election could being Chavismo to its conclusion. Mostly, everyone is hoping that the situation remains peaceful. “The murder is a bad omen for December 6,” said Juan Francisco Alonso, a journalist who works for the Venezuelan daily newspaper El Universal. That’s when …

Deutsche Welle

Playing with fire in Donbass

Most tanks have apparently been withdrawn from the buffer zone in eastern Ukraine but not the heavy artillery, complains the OSCE. The truce is still on shaky ground. DW’s Frank Hofmann reports from Kyiv. Eastern Ukraine is far from Kyiv: there, barely anyone has witnessed the disputes that observers of the Organization for Security and …

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