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Between a paranoid dinosaur state and a mythical monster: Gameela Ismail

Egyptian politician and media figure, Gameela Ismail gave a speech at the Middle East Institute conference held in Washington DC Wednesday, entitled “Politics vs security: Setbacks and opportunities in Egypt”. Below is the full text of the speech. Thank you Doyle, thank you all, panellists, organisers of this conference, attendes, the Middle East Institute, Kate …

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Opinion: Nkurunziza’s victory puts Burundi at risk

In Burundi the Electoral Commission has announced that incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza has won Tuesday's elections, as expected. His victory puts the country's future at risk, says DW's Dirke Köpp. More than 80 people dead, countless injured, hundreds of arbitrary arrests and an atmosphere of oppression and violence which has caused more than 175,000 Burundians to flee their country. All…

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