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As Egypt votes, many to boycott elections in Cairo

Egyptians are electing their first parliament since the 2013 coup that overthrew President Morsi. But, Naomi Conrad reports from Cairo, amid a climate of intimidation and repression, many are boycotting the elections. In the grimy, dimly lit hallway of a crumbling building in downtown Cairo, someone has painted a huge red star on the wall …

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Between a paranoid dinosaur state and a mythical monster: Gameela Ismail

Egyptian politician and media figure, Gameela Ismail gave a speech at the Middle East Institute conference held in Washington DC Wednesday, entitled “Politics vs security: Setbacks and opportunities in Egypt”. Below is the full text of the speech. Thank you Doyle, thank you all, panellists, organisers of this conference, attendes, the Middle East Institute, Kate …

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Tsipras: A second chance

Left-wing party leader Alexis Tsipras’ victory in Greece’s general elections was surprisingly clear. He has announced that he will continue to govern with right-wing populists ANEL as his coalition partner. Before midnight, the ex-prime minister – and now premier-elect – appeared in front of his supporters in the center of Athens to : Despite empty …

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EU relaxed about Greek elections

Six weeks after settling a third bailout package, Brussels’ attention to Greece has waned, even as Sunday’s vote looms. Everyone hopes that a new government will implement the aid program without any more conflicts. For about half a year, meetings of eurozone finance ministers took place under the spell of the “G-word.” Yet Greece was …

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