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Egypt military gives in to parties, amends election law

CAIRO: Egypt’s military amended a controversial election law on Saturday to allow parties to contest a third of the seats in parliament reserved for independents after a boycott threat, state media reported. The military decree is a concession to the parties, which also insist on a law banning corrupt politicians from running for office for …


Political forces slam new amendments to parliament law

CAIRO: Political forces slammed Monday amendments made to the parliament law that increase the share of party lists from 50 percent to two-thirds of the seats, while reducing the number of seats in both houses of parliament. The previous law prepared by cabinet and amended by the ruling Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), stipulated …


Experts criticize amendments to elections law

CAIRO: A coalition of 127 NGOs that intends to monitor the parliament elections met on Wednesday in a conference organized by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) to discuss the amendments to the elections law. Calls have been made by different political forces to cancel using the individual list to which they attribute rigging …


More questions than answers about Egypt’s electoral law

By David Faris Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the scorching streets beginning July 8, seeking justice for those killed and injured during the revolution and long-overdue reforms of the Ministry of Interior, among other things. Their steadfastness has already forced Essam Sharif’s government to announce some concessions, and more may be coming. Yet even …


Gov’t proposes law on election rule change

By Ashraf Badr /Reuters CAIRO: Egypt’s cabinet said on Sunday it had drafted a law that sets a 2017 deadline for small parties in parliament to field presidential candidates, implementing a previously passed constitutional amendment. But analysts said the change did not offer a real opening for Egyptian opposition parties, which now have about 1 …


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